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5 Simple rules to be a great product manager

Love is in the air. May be we can use some of these rules of love to build great products and be a great product manager 

1. Fall in love with your product - We tend to find fault with the people/things that we love the most. So you fall in love with your product to find and flush out all the faults out of the product.

2. Flirt a little - A bit of flirting never hurt anybody! Always keep your eyes open to look for and play with all the competitor products in the market. Lookout for copyright infringements on either side though!

3. You can fall in love twice/thrice - Be open to change and be prepared to adapt to the changes in features and fall in love again.

4. Make love not war - Product managers need to spread love among the stakeholders. Make war and be prepared for a funeral :P

5. Respect your better half - The product manager is nothing without the engineering teams. Learn to accept that the better half holds the reins of the product. Repeat rule no 4 over and over again to get great results.

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