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Agile for Everything that’s not Software - Part1


A lot is being said about using agile practices in HR and Marketing. The problem is that most of the people in HR or Marketing have no clue what Agile is. HR and Marketing are not just one function. They are comprised of many sub-functions like Recruiting, L&D, Policy, C&B, Sales, Launch, PR etc that are completely different from each other. So when we say go agile, what does it exactly mean? And which methodology of agile do we use? (Wait! There are multiple methodologies?) And the biggest issue is how we reaching the right audience, which in this case are the HR or marketing professionals. Agile has the word "software" attached to it and perception that it is only for software professionals, has hampered and slowed its use into other functions. Using an agile methodology like Scrum in L&D, Policy, Sales, Advertising, Product launch etc, increases efficiency. As a part of the “Agile for Everything” series, we will try to create an awareness about agile for people who do not work in the area of software.

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