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  • About Product Academia

    At Product Academia, we strive to empower people with the right knowledge, processes, tools and techniques needed to build great products. We offer training, coaching and consulting services in Product Management, Business Analysis, Project management and Scrum transformations. We conduct corporate training programs as well as open sessions. We are a women-owned organization and one of our primary goals is to help women get back into the work force. We offer special discounts to all women participants to help them achieve their career goals.

  • What We Do

    Product management and Scrum training and PMP Exam Prep

    We offer training and coaching in Business Analysis, Product Management, Scrum and Project management. Our course in Product Management is extremely comprehensive and covers all aspects of product management starting from idea generation to product end of life. We conduct training programs for PSM 1 and PSPO certifications.

    Agile Transformation

    We work with organizations to help them understand the agile framework and implement it successfully in their teams. We train, coach and work with teams to help them start, setup and cruise through the initial(very difficult) phase.

    Agile Programs for HR and Marketing

    Agile for HR and Marketing are revolutionary concepts that help in bringing about efficiency in HR and marketing functions. We conduct training programs exclusively for HR and Marketing professionals to help them work efficiently with development teams include SmartWorks, ASquare Infotech and some stealth startups.

  • R.I.S.E


    R.I.S.E is a program for women looking to get back to the tech workforce. We offer 30% discount on all our training programs to the participants of this program. We also collaborate with hiring organizations as well as Women Who Code and Path Forward and help women acquire the technical skills required to get hired.

  • Project Management


    We have some of the best trainers who conduct training sessions for Scrum Certifications. We offer training programs for PSM-1, PSPO and Nexus (scaled scrum). Participants can either a 2-days class room session or 5 virtual sessions. For group discounts and corporate charges, please send a mail to neelam@productacademia.com

    PMP Exam prep Boot camps

    In the 4-day PMP exam prep boot camp, our expert trainers ensure that participants understand the basic concepts and applications of the PMBOK tools and techniques, which makes it easier for them to clear the rigorous exam.

    The participants are provided all the course material and the latest edition of Head First PMP (PMBOK 6). We also provide links and references to online mock tests and study material.
    For group discounts and corporate rates, please send a mail to neelam@productacademia.com

  • Product Management

    Product Management Essentials

    Learn everything about how to build great products and manage everything that comes after. This class is designed for everyone who is new to product management. The 3-day program covers everything from ideation to product end of life. It is the most comprehensive program that product managers can use to be effective from day one. Our sessions include talks from industry experts and recruiters. We also assist in resume writing, job search and help connect the participants with the recruiters. For group discounts and corporate rates, please contact neelam@productacademia.com

  • Scholarships and Enrollment

    "Product Management Essentials" is now under EDD Scholarship

    Product Academia works with Silicon Valley Polytechnic Institute (SVPTI) to conduct certification courses in Product Management. The course appears on the ETPL as part of SVPTI's offerings. Please visit www.svpti.com for more information about scholarships for federal and state programs.

    To take advantage of California EDD Training funds, you must enroll through your local WIOA agency. There is at least one WIOA agency in each county in the state of California. A few of them are:

    Here is a link to a list of WIOA offices in California.

    Classes begin on a monthly basis. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for a student to be qualified for training funds through a WIOA agency. To know more please send an email to neelam@productacademia.com

  • Our Portfolio

    Product Management Basics

    3 days

    1. What is Product management
    2. Product management v/s Project management
    3. Product Manger
    4. Sensing and Seizing
    5. Pricing
    6. Defining the product
    7. Re-Framing
    8. Innovation cycle
    9. Idea Generation and Refinement
    10. Business Model Canvas
    11. Business Case
    12. Technical Implementation
    13. Product launch
    14. Product life cycle and End of Life
    15. Product Manager – Challenges


    Rescuing Troubled Projects

    2 days

    1. Introduction
    2. Definition of a “troubled project”:
    3. Turnaround process overview:
    4. Cost, Timeline and Quality are inter-relationship.
    5. Causes of delivery trouble: The unexpected technical surprise.
    6. Reacting to the unexpected delivery trouble.
    7. Causes of business value trouble: The unexpected business surprise.
    8. Reacting to unexpected business value trouble

    Product Risk Management

    1 day

    1. Definition of risk
    2. Risks in product development
    3. Risk Identification
    4. Risk Analysis
    5. Mitigation and Contingency planning
    6. Risk Communication
    7. Risk Management in Scrum and Waterfall model


    Professional Scrum Master

    2 days

    1. What is Scrum
    2. Myths about scrum and waterfall
    3. Scrum Roles
    4. Scrum Artifacts
    5. Scrum Events
    6. The Sprint
    7. Sprint Planning Meeting
    8. Daily Scrum
    9. Sprint Review
    10. Sprint Retrospective
    11. Managing traditional roles
    12. Managing emotions and resistance
    13. Practice exam

    Introduction to project management

    2 days

    1. What is project management?
    2. Why project management?
    3. Project management life-cycle
    4. Requirements and scope management
    5. Risk Management
    6. Time Management
    7. Cost Management
    8. Quality Management
    9. Stakeholder Management
    10. Communication Management

    Stakeholder Management

    1 day

    1. Who is a stakeholder?
    2. Why stakeholder management?
    3. Stakeholder Analysis
    4. Stakeholder Prioritization
    5. Building relationships
    6. Communication methods

    Effective People Management

    1 day

    1. Why do people need to be managed?
    2. What should be actually managed?
    3. The five-point rule of people management
    4. Being a leader
    5. Making tough decisions
    6. Making leaders
    7. Coaching and Mentoring

    Introduction to Business Analysis

    1 day

    1. What is business analysis?
    2. Relation ship between business analysis and requirements engineering
    3. Requirements planning
    4. Elicitation techniques
    5. Analysis and Prioritization
    6. Validation
    7. Change management
    8. Business Analysis in Scrum and Waterfall
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    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

    Welcome to the 3rd part of the Agile for Everything that's not Software, series. If this is the first time you have heard about it, it doesn't matter. You can take a peek at the previous blogs here. In this blog, we will jump into the depths of Scrum and see how we can use it to develop and...
    Welcome to the 2nd part of the Agile for Everything that's not Software series. If this is the first time you have heard about it, it doesn't matter. You can take a peek at the first part here. In this blog, we will try to explain what "Agile" means and the different ways of being agile. Agile is...
    A lot is being said about using agile practices in HR and Marketing. The problem is that most of the people in HR or Marketing have no clue what Agile is. HR and Marketing are not just one function. They are comprised of many sub-functions like Recruiting, L&D, Policy, C&B, Sales, Launch, PR etc...
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  • Enroll in a class

    Professional Scrum Product Owner (PSPO) - 2 days
    The Professional Scrum Product Owner certification outlines the roles and responsibilities of a Product owner. This class covers the following
    1. Scrum Methodology
    2. The Product owner - Roles and Responsibilities
    3. Techniques for product backlog refinement
    4. Budget planning methodologies
    5. Sprint planning
    6. Metrics
    Coming soon
    Professional Scrum Master (PSM-1)
    The two days program is ideal for people who are want to learn everything about Scrum and how to implement it at the workplace. The class is very interactive and uses real life case studies to teach the scrum concepts. At the end of the program, the participants will be ready to take up the the PSM exam.
    Coming soon
    PMP Exam Prep Boot Camp
    PMP exam prep training covers the PMP exam prep curriculum and is completely based on PMBOK 6. We cover the practical aspects of project management and prepare the participants for the exam. We provide PDF versions of training material and three mock exams. Includes paper back version of Head First PMP. The participants earn 35 PDUs that are mandatory for the PMP exam.
    Coming soon
    Scrum for Marketing -- Oct 13 2018
    Scrum in the marketing function drastically improves efficiency. The revolutionary concept takes out the stress involved and uses empirical method to help improve the entire process. This training program covers the basics of Scrum, the process, the organization structure and steps for a successful transformation.
    Coming soon
    Agile for HR professionals -- 22nd Sept, 2018
    This class is exclusively for HR professionals. The course covers the basics of Agile practices and focuses exclusively on how agile can be very effectively used for change management, recruitment, learning and development, policy roll-out and much more.
    Coming soon
    Requirements Engineering - Bringing value to customer
    Weather you use waterfall or scrum, feature planning and prioritization is the key to generating value to the customer. In this one day session, you will be able to learn key concepts and techniques to plan, elicit, analyze and prioritize your features.
    Coming soon
    Product Management Basics -- 8 days part-time
    Product Management is not easy. Learn everything about how to build great products and how to manage everything that comes after. This 8 day course in product management conducted over for 4 weeks. where we conduct two four hour classes every week. The course covers everything from product ideation to product end of life. Our sessions include talks from industry experts and recruiters. We also assist in resume writing, job search and help connect the participants with the recruiters
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